recover Facebook deleted messages – A Complete Guide

How to recover deleted facebook messages

Social Media platform are growing day by day and we all are connected with our friends and family members  using various social media network  applications like Facebook or WhatsApp even we do not sleep without checking messages of these applications and these applications promise end to end encryption with privacy and security so here we are going to explore how to recover deleted Facebook messages.

Facebook is a very popular social media network nowadays and millions of users daily use Facebook around the world.In this blog we are going to cover how one can check old Facebook messages and post.Facebook provides the facility to download all the information like your post images,videos ,comments and chat backup but regular users do not focus on this part so let us take a deep dive for messages recovery as our focus is too recover Facebook data.

Step-1: Please login securely into facebook account.
Step-2: Go to facebook setting using right corner dropdown link.
Step-3: Select your Facebook information link.
Step-4: Select download your Information to recover Facebook deleted messages.
Step-5: Select request copy tab then select date range according to you apart from this format sould be html so that you can read easily and click om create file button.

This process will create a zip file then finally,download this zip file in your system where you will get all of your chat messages with post and images in html format using this format you can easily read your all deleted messages so enjoy and thanks for reading this article.


How one can check all Login activities in Facebook:-using this tick you can check who use your Facebook account with system details so go to setting again and select “Security and Login” Link then check “where are you logged in” tab.this will show you all login attempts fro your facebook account.

Question & Answers.

Question: Can we create multiple account in Facebook using same mobile number.?

Answer: Yes, we can.

Question: Can someone hack you Facebook account data.?

Answer: Yes , When we give permissions to various applications and games then they can access our Facebook data so i will guide you not to install game and  other apps that does not belong to facebook.

Question:Can we see movies and near by theaters in facebook.?

Answer: Yes , we can check near by theaters in Facebook.

Question: Can we save any video in Facebook account.?

Answer: Yes,we can as Facebook provides a new features by which anyone can store video permanently into his/her account. 


Live videos on Facebook- Facebook provides a latest features of live video where you can get all entertainment related videos so just click on live video link under your home page and enjoy latest videos and songs.

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