How to Write a Blog -A Complete Guide

How to Write A Blog -A Complete Guide

In this article we will discuss How to Write a Blog apart from this we will cover essential tools and website that are used in is moving towards the digital media and people are more interested in videos and digital contents so if you will search how to make money threw blogging then you will get 10000+ videos and contents on youtube and other websites but our concern is how you can write a good blog using latest tools and techniques so that your page can rank in google top results.


If you are thinking about earning money instantly after writing a blog that means you are going in the wrong direction as it might take time so your first priority should be how to rank your post as until and unless you will not get visitors on your site you can not earn money.below are the list of steps that you need to follow to write a good blog that we will cover one by one in this article.


  1. Select a topic or keyword for your blog.
  2. Your first paragraph should include your topic heading and the content should match with the topic.
  3. Set a meta description for your blog.
  4. Use transition words in your blog.
  5. include images with alt tags in your blog.
  6. Configure the Google Analytics account.
  7. Configure Google search console.
  8. Generate XML Sitemap for Google Search Console.
  9. Use Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.
  10. Test your blog on gtmetrix.


The First Step to write a good blog is to select a keyword or a topic so please select the topic that you like the most apart from this you should have good knowledge about that topic. secondly, the content length should be good so please try to make the content of at least 2000 words and use Grammarly google chrome extension as it will automatically detect grammar mistakes in your content.

download WMS everywhere plugin that is a google chrome extension and it will help you to decide your topic apart from this you will get some related topics that are ranking for a keyword with their volume and CPC.

link to download Grammarly plugin.


Blog First paragraph really matters it should be strong and paragraph content should be matched with your topic apart from this your topic heading should be included in this paragraph as it will help your blog to rank in google search results. your paragraph length should not be very long and please make spaces between all paragraphs.


A meta description is another factor for a good SEO as google reads your blog meta description and shows it in their search results. for example, I am searching “best college in Delhi” so here you can see meta description below for the topic or a keyword so you should write meta not only for the main page but also for every blog that you are writing in the blogger or WordPress.

How to Write a Blog


According to various SEO tool I found that transition words matters for a good blog so you should use these words in every paragraph as it will help in ranking.

Write a Blog


Images make your blog more attractive and meaningful so you must include some images that are related to your topic when google bots come to your blog then they read image alt attribute for example:

<img src=”” alt=”best Lenovo Laptops”>

Google read “Lenovo laptop” and index your alt value in their database and it will make your blog best with good SEO score.


Google Analytics is a free service where one can analyze any website or any will show you analytics related to page view per day or per week apart from this, it will show you real-time analytics that means how many users are active right now on your website.

google analytics.


Search console is a free tool provided by Google that tracks clicks on pages apart from this it tracks your pages and post according to your sitemap and informs you which pages are index in the Google database and which are not.there are a lot of tools by which you can generate a sitemap for your blog, below is the list of tools.

you just need to write your blog main page URL and sitemap online tool will automatically generate a sitemap for you then you need to inform google search console about sitemap.

  1. Yoast Seo plugin for WordPress
  2. googles XML sitemap plugin for WordPress.
  3. XML sitemap online generator.

xml sitemap


Yoast SEO is a wonderful plugin of WordPress that has millions of users around the world so let us discuss what it will do for our is the list of features provides by this tool.

  1. It will automatically generate an XML sitemap for you.
  2. It will automatically capture your title and will help you to write a good post or blog.
  3. you can also search for a keyword from this tool.
  4. it will generate a readability score for you.
  5. it will generate an SEO score for your blog.

How to Write a Blog


How to Write a Blog



Gtmetrix is used to test a website and using this site you will get to know website performance reports like loading time and errors to be reduced in your blog.

Thank you.

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