Artificial Intelligence – A Complete Guide

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a new era in the field of computer science and information is changing and we are moving towards the latest technology and tools.In this article we will discuss “what is artificial intelligence and its applications apart from this we will take a look at programming and tools that are used in the process of artificial intelligence.

Let us take a deep dive into our topic AI.The word “intelligence” focus on how perfectly we do our task using math and statistics that we apply in our mind and the same result we expect from our computer system for example if you are adding 10+10 then you are expecting 20 in the result that is a perfect result. 

Now Calculate : x*x+y*y-z-w*p+x/2+y/2+z/5 where x is 10 , y is 20,z is 30 and p is -1 take your time. I think you are searching a notebook to calculate the result as your mind is working slow in this case but if i submit the same task into my system then it will not take a single minute this is Great! so we can say that our computer systems are intelligent.

Now Question is “What is Artificial” as our topic is Artificial Intelligence and till now we know our computer systems are more intelligent then our mind so Artificial means those are not real like robots are not actual human but still we are getting full features of a humans in robots.Finally we are creating such programs for a computers that acts like a human and saving our time here is the list of applications where we use Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence -A Practical Guide

Now we will discuss how professionals and data scientist work on AI technologies apart from this we will take a look at AI tools and how you can make your career this field.The term “Reinforcement Learning” is a part of artificial intelligence and data scientist make computer models using this techniques so let us discuss what is reinforcement learning.

According to basic Programming approach we give some input to our programs then system process it according to a function that we apply on inputs and Finally, produce our expected result but AI programs are bit different from this approach. 

As per the AI programming approach we give Input data sets to our program like various images to learn and our program try to learn from these data sets in between system makes various mistakes then our program record every mistake so that it can learn not do these mistakes again and again and finally produce a Model called “AI models“.here is the list of applications that use reinforcement Learning AI techniques.

The Main fundamental concept of Reinforcement Learning is to take an action in an environment and get some reward on it for every action.

Components of RL - Artifcial Intellegence

I think you all are familiar with pac man game and this is the best example to understand AI technique here in this picture you can see an environment where your player(agent) moves and it will get some rewards in this by applying some actions ( move left,move right,move forward,move backward) and state is the location of your player or agent.

1-Agent – a programming variable that moves in an environment.

2-Environment – location where agent takes some actions.

3-Action – an event that occur inside and environment by agent.

4-State – the current value of an gent variable.

5-Reward – points to be taken for right and wrong actions.(positive/negative)

5-Policy – different ways to reach a goal include all steps that an agent takes to achieve a goal.


Q Learning for AI.

Q learning is a technique of reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence the goal of Q Learning is to maximize the reward in every state of an agent so that system can automatically reach to their goals- “THIS IS WHAT IS AI” (auto learning of system or program).

Reward Function:- r ( s , a ) -> r
State Function :-  delta ( s , a) -> s’

where <a> is an agent <s> is state <s’> is a new state after an action.

How to make career in Artificial Intelligence.
What is Natural language Processing

Nowadays, various applications are generating a huge volume of data and most of them are unstructured or you can say it is in textual format and it is generated as we are sending whats app messages and by other social media network so many Organizations are processing these unstructured data using NLP that is Natural Language Processing.

NLP is a sub field of data science that is used to process and analyze textual unstructured data in an efficient manner for sentiment analysis and  speech. recognition.

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