How to get Success.? Why we get failure.?

Everyone wants to get success in their life and they do hard
work but most of the people still looking for the right answer about How to get Success.? in their life so here we are going to discuss what are the reasons behind a failure as both success and failure run parallel in our life.
success may be terms of happiness, how much money I have in the bank, or designation in my job might be. Success or happiness is more about the people in my life, the relationships I’ve made, and living my life with intent and purpose.

Humans’ minds generate millions of thoughts in a day even after when we sleep, this is all about our mind, we think and we do. according to me most of the person spend their energy in the wrong direction as we don’t know how to control our mind and how to focus on particular thoughts.

Let me explain to you the same thing by a real-time example of one of my patients Akash Gupta 34-year-old taking medicines for depression as he didn’t get success in his life he did very hard work but not able able to find where is a success moreover he is educated but from last 10 years, he is only watching failures in his life and got depression.

In his past life, he tried multiples jobs and businesses but unfortunately, he did not get success in anything let me tell you why? because he was not focused on a particular thing and he was spending his energy in 10 different directions the one and only thing to get success is “collect energy and spend it again and again on the same point.”

Sometimes he was forced to do that, I mean task that he never want in his life as because he has a family and kids let me explain to you the main point let us say you want to make a hole in the wall so you tried to hit the surface on 10 different locations and I hit the surface 10 times on the same point which one is better, which one will make the impact I think you got the answer.

It might be possible you will not get success in 1st hit,2nd hit but if u will hit the surface again and again then 100% one day you will achieve whatever you want.

I think You all want to know what Akash is doing now actually Akash always wanted to be a businessman so before 1 year ago he started his store and earning more then 1 lac rupees per month and his Treatment is over now.

Thanks, Hope this will help.

Dr. Anand Gangwar
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Dr Anand Gangwar

Dr. Anand Gangwar is a homoeopathic physician by profession and a blogger by passion. He is involved in a technical world always and a web designer by interest and a flute player, cyclist by hobby.

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