Data Science books for Beginners

Best Data Science books for Beginners

Data Science field is growing day by day and many professionals and students are looking their career in this field but you need a right path to get success in this field. books play a major role in our success so everyone wants a right book so that they can understand the topic this article i am going to guide you about best Data Science books for Beginners and recommended by professional data scientist.

If you are looking a career in the big data and data science then you need to start with python core programming then you can move forward for machine learning concepts like regression, classification and clustering techniques.professionals work on tools like jupyter and write python code for data analysis.

let us take a deep dive into our topic “Best Data Science Books”. if you will search data science books on google then you will get a list of thousand books and it is very difficult to select a right book to get success so here i am guiding you about the top books that is used by many professionals apart from this we will cover purpose of every book one by one.

Machine Learning using Python

Machine learning is a filed where data scientist analyze data sets using various algorithms so in this book you will get all machine learning algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree classification,k mean clustering techniques , random forest decision tree, naive Bayes classification and many more techniques that is used to analyze different types of data sets using python programming language.

This is the best  Data Science Books for beginners and professionals both and recommended by many professional data scientist.this book provides all practical aspects that is really required to be a data scientist.

Python for Data Science For Dummies

Python is a programming language that is used for data analysis and provides various library like numpy ,pandas and matplotlib , openCV for image processing that help professionals to write machine learning algorithms .python is widely famous programming language that reduce programming  complexity.

Python for Data Science For Dummies is the best book for beginners who want to make their career in the field of data science with fully practical oriented approach that cover all machine learning techniques in depth.

Core Python Programming

Python core programming cover all core concepts of python like variables and data types in python , python complex data types ,keywords in python , loop control structure in python, python list tuple and dictionaries , input output operations in python , Operators in python and many more topics that is really required.python  core programming should be your first goal if you want to be a data scientist.

although, there are a lot of book in the market but this is one of the best book to learn basics of python programming language so you show try this book as it will give you a practical understanding of python programming.

Data Science with jupyter

Jupyter is a notebook tool that provides graphical user interface where professionals write python code to analyze different types of data sets and it is available in anaconda can download and install anaconda and start working on jupyter lab.this book explore all machine learning algorithms and python API’s that is required to analyze data.

jupyter also provides the facility to visualize data using various graphs and charts even professionals use jupyter to visualize real time statistics and it is used by various data professionals like hadoop developer , spark developer , kafka developer and data scientists.this book cover all aspect of machine learning and data science.

Data Science from Scratch

As the name suggested “Data Science from Scratch” means this book will cover all data science concepts one by one from scratch so here in this book you will get all topics that are related to data science like data pre-processing techniques ,cross validation , nearest neighbor classification,training and test datasets ,k-fold cross validation methon, neural networks and many more concepts.

you can start as beginner and move forward to the professional level using this book as this book will give you a practical approach of various machine learning concepts apart from this it will guide you about how professionals write code for data analysis.

Python Data Science Handbook

Python data Science Handbook is good book that is based on python programming language and this will cover all data science algorithms and deep level concepts. you can explore various machine learning and deep learning concepts including knowledge of image processing and deep learning methods.

This book also cover various python library like keras and tensorflow including anaconda and jupyter tools that is a advance level programming in the field of data science where you will learn how neural networks work and in chapter 5 it will cover scikit learn python library that is a famous lib in this field so i will say this is again a Best Data Science books for Beginners and professionals both

Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is a very powerful framework that is used to process big data ( huge amount of data) and it distribute data across multiple machine so that we can process this data in lesser time. hadoop provides distributed file system and map reduce framework for data processing so if you are planning to switch your career in the field of big data and hadoop then this book is for you.

This book will cover all big data aspect like HDFS, Map reduce using R programming language. R is a very popular programming language in the current industry and used by thousands of professionals and data scientists.

Practical Apache Spark: Using the Scala API

You can learn Apache Spark using three different programming languages like python , scala and java but 80% professionals use scala and python programming language for data processing but this book will cover spark using scala programming language with the coverage of scala api’s like streaming api’s , data frame api , data set api and may more that is used to analyze different varieties like josn , csv , text , and structured data that is stored is various RDBMS like MySQL and Oracle.

Scala is an object oriented programming language means it focus on objects and classes so professionals use eclipse ide to write scala code that analyze variety of data.

Spark: The Definitive Guide

i will advise you to select this book in first priority if you want to be an expert in Apache spark programming as this book will cover every aspect of spark concepts like installation of Apache spark ,basics of Apache spark , how to work on spark SQL model and how to execute SQL queries on a  spark data frame , how to visualize data in Apache spark , real time data processing using spark , Apache spark and Apache KAFKA integration and many more topics that are really required to be a spark developer so i will say this is one of the best book for students and professionals both. 

Spark also provide machine learning API’s which is used by data scientist to analyze a huge amount off data and you can install Apache spark in two mode first is independent mode and second is cluster mode where professionals install spark at the top of Hadoop cluster.

Apache Spark in 24 Hours

Apache Spark is a very popular framework for big data processing that works in a distributed computing manner so here in this book you will learn basics of spark programming , spark core programming , spark SQL , Spark Streaming and machine learning in Apache spark , real time data processing API’s , Network based Stream and many more topics by which you can easily crack any spark interview.

This is one of the best book for Apache spark that will cover all spark topics in just 24 hours so if you are looking a job in the field of data science and you have less time then you can select this book as it will cover all aspect of spark programming with real time industry requirements.

Thank you hope this will help.

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