best cheapest laptops for students

Best Cheapest Laptops in India for Students and Experts.

If you are planning to purchase a laptop then first you need to find your requirements for example if you are a professional designer and working on heavy designing software then you need a powerful computers with a good configurations and if you planning for a personal use then this article is for you where we are going to explore best cheapest laptops in India with good configurations.

Nowadays, you can go for various range of laptops as per your need but in this article, we will focus on the best laptop that provides the best features and can be purchased at a low cost. although there are various laptops for different types of use cases like gaming laptops, notebooks, mac book and many more so you can select the best one according to your need.As per the market survey on a range of laptops we found some cheapest laptops with a four-five star rating that gives you some amazing features that can fulfill your ideal match.

If you will search on google “best cheapest laptops in 2020” then you will get a huge list of laptops that are in your budget but it is very difficult to select one of them so we are not focusing on powerful and expensive laptops so in this article you can find top 5 cheapest laptops in your budget and i am damn sure they will fit in your match.

How to test a laptop features and configuration.

As per our survey on various laptop we collected some best laptop in India so let me guide you how we test a laptop so first we check load performance of a laptop that is totally depends on the processor so we play some high definition games on it and sometimes we install heavy software and as per the research report we also found that AMD and intel both are top level processor that you can find in approx every laptop.we have some software that can increase the volume up to 200% and good quality earphones by which we get the sound performance apart from this we have heavy designing software where we check resolution quality of a laptop.

Top 5 Laptops in budget
Lenovo V145-AMD

Lenovo is more than 30 year old company and was founded in 1984 .they released their first personal computer in 1990 and this organization is capturing approx 20% sale of the laptops and personal computers in the world market and working in mote than 60 different countries.

Lenovo is a good brand so far and ranking no-1 in the laptop market in india “Lenovo V145-AMD” is one of the best cheapest laptops under 20k and this laptop is best for students and professionals both who are working on designing software and or want to play heavy games.this laptop contains AMD processor and gives you some wonderful features of window 10.

Lenovo Ideapad 130

Lenovo ideapad 130 comes under the list of cheapest laptops in india and it is a good laptop with 7th Generation AMD processor that can provide 3 Ghz max speed and pre loaded windows 10 home. Lenovo Ideapad 130 provides 1366X768 HD Display and its Battery Life is Up to 5 hour.after unboxing this laptop you will get Laptop, Charger and User Manual.nowadays approx every laptop provides HDMI port by which you can connect your laptop with TV so here is the list of configuration of Lenovo Idea pad 130.

Acer Aspire 3 Thin AMD

Acer Aspire 3 is best cheapest laptop under 20k INR with 1.5 GHz process that you can be extend up to 2.2 GHz and 4 GB DDR 4 RAM. Battery life of this laptop is approx 5.5 hours and provides HD display with 1366 x 768 resolution and as per the market research we found that acer provides a good customer support in timely manner and delivering the thinnest laptops ever in budget.

Lenovo Ideapad S145

Lenovo Ideapad S145 is best for college students who are working on working on various software so it provides AMD 2.6 Ghz processor with 1 TB of hard disk and you will get windows 10 with HD display of 1366X768 resolution.

HP 15 Intel Pentium Gold 8th Gen

HP 15 Intel Pentium Gold comes under top 5 cheapest laptops and has intel process fo 2.3 Ghz and as per the configuration this laptop gives you a long time battery use that is approx 7 is a light weight laptop and contains 4 GB RAM and 1 TB of hard disk so find the detailed configuration listed below.

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