How to remove your wrong addiction

How to remove your wrong or bad addiction like cigarette, alcohol any negative activity

There are various things around you for addiction, actually addiction is not a negative word. The definition of the addiction is difficult to describe because there are so much things inside it may be positive, negative or neutral.

Addiction is a psychological behavior in which a person involved in particular repetitive acts in daily routine without knowing its harmful or useful. Many patients came to me regarding addiction of tobacco and alcohol and always they asked me to give some medicines for their regular drink or tobacco chew habits. I always told them there is no medicine in the world to treat these type of psychological behavior.

There is such medicines to treat your side effects of Alcohol or tobacco addiction but not to rescue from addiction. You Have to do it yourself. So how to deal with it a bigger question.

So when you do a particular work routinely with repetitive behavior this is called addiction either it is you drink morning Tea/warm water on bed after wake up or no motion in the toilet without tobacco like cigarette smoking.

So the question is how to remove such habits ( addiction ) from our life

First thing you have to know will is the key point of tackle all of such habits.

Repetition is the cause of addiction. If you repeat those things like book reading, cycling, gaming whatever is your choice you want or you like more than the addiction after a day month year you realize the things you have cigarette alcohol is turned in to things you repeat daily to go away from addiction.

there is so much words to describe in this article but I have created a video for it must watch.

After watching the video you understand how to remove your bad addiction or habits ?

Dr Anand Gangwar

Dr. Anand Gangwar is a homoeopathic physician by profession and a blogger by passion. He is involved in a technical world always and a web designer by interest and a flute player, cyclist by hobby.

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