how to partition c drive in windows 10 without formatting.

Window 10 gives us a management tool by which we can easily divide or partition c drive without formatting it so let us take a look at the disk management tool and its functionalities.

Using the Computer Management tool we can also handle computer driver management and services management where you can start and stop any service or software that you do not want anymore.

Tool name: computer management

How to start the computer management tool for partitioning c drive.

Step 1: Right-click on my computer and click on manage link.

computer management

Step 2: This process will start your computer management tool.

windows 10 disk management

Step 3: Select Disk Management under Storage link this will show all the drives into window 10. example: c drive,d drive or e drive

Step 4: right-click on any drive that you want to extend or divide into parts then click on shrink volume.

shrink volume

Step 5: This will show you the total size before shrink.
Size of the available shrink space.
Enter the amount of space to shrink ( This is the size of the drive that you want to create)
Just click on the Shrink Volume button.

disk space

please wait for some time as it might take time to partition c drive.

Now check your new partition is ready.


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