Top 5 Technologies in 2020

1-Artificial Intelligence
2-big data
3-cloud computing (AWS)
4-data science

The market is changing as per the user and software requirements, millions of users working using smart mobile devices, what do you think which technology we will win this match so we are taking a deep dive into top 5 technologies in 2020.

According to my point of view, every technology is moving around the data and its security and storage.

For Example:
a-you can not develop AI projects without data.
b- you need to handle Big data.
c- You need to store data & applications at the cloud.
d- You need to analyze big data that is stored on cloud.
e- Your data should be secure at cloud servers.

what is the value of data in your mind just think about it as you are going to select top technology for your future?

Do you hate programming then forget about mastery in the above technologies?

1-Artificial Intelligence:
Siri is one of the best personal assistant offered by various smartphone mobile companies. It is a female voice assistant who interacts with the user on a daily routine. Siri assists you to find a lot of information and make voice calls, help you to open applications.

Q Learning is the best model to implement Artificial Intelligence when a System or program learns from its mistakes and makes an intelligent model.

The goal of the agent (Model) is to learn an action policy that maximizes the total reward it will receive from any starting state.

2-Big Data.
Big Data is a huge amount of data that is distributed over multiple computers that are connected in a network and apache Hadoop is a powerful framework for big data processing. Hadoop process data using a map-reduce programming model that works in a distributed computing environment.

Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark are very popular frameworks adopted by many organizations for big data processing and there is a lot of job opportunities in this domain.

3- Cloud Computing
It is computing over the Internet where we use software and services online. Cloud storage is the best example of cloud computing as daily you are taking backup of your data or image on the cloud.

3 Types of Cloud.
1- Iaas ( Infrastructure as a service)
2-Pass ( Platform as a service )
3-SaaS (Software as a service )

AWS offer IaaS where you take systems on rent you can configure your machines according to your requirement.

Go Daddy is the best Example for PaaS who provides a platform where you can host your web applications.

Online Office is SaaS where you use Ms. Word, Excel and Powerpoint live.

4- Data Science

Please follow this link for full Guide about Data Science and its Tools.

5- Cybersecurity

This is one of the best fields to select in 2020 even I like it the most, What is security? your room lock is the best example of security now relate security with the internet(cyber) where we are securing our data and chats moving on the Internet.

When you launch a web site then you write HTTP:// it is a protocol that works in a client-server architecture that means you are requesting a web page that is stored at cloud and it will be load in your machine.

Https is not a secure protocol!

Netscape Communications created HTTPS in 1994 that is a hypertext transfer protocol secure is one of the best examples for cyber Security.

Thanks, Hope This will help.

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