How to add a logo brand image on YouTube videos

Adding brand logo

A logo or branding image is an image that shows your accountability, you are a brand or truly recognized company and a legal Youtuber. Branding your YouTube channel also plays a role in increasing subscribers. Whenever a person watches your videos on YouTube, they will see every aspect like your intro on the channel, your logo image, your profile, cover, etc.

For creating a good logo you can use Photoshop, Coral draw and many other online applications available free, they will design your logo free or taking some cost. You can use these online services if you are not a designer.

Some of logo maker websites mention below.


First thing you have to know before you are designing a logo is

  1. The logo should be PNG or GIF format.
  2. Pixels should be 150×150
  3. An image should be 1Mb or less
  4. An image with one or two color
  5. A transparent background works best

Step 1- Login in to your YouTube Account.

Step 2- Click on the icon on the top right side

Step 3- Click on YouTube studios ( see below in the image)

Step 4- Click on the setting in the left Menu bar. ( See below in the image )

Step 5- Click on Channel and then click on branding and then click on choose image and upload it. After uploading your logo click on save, the image will appear on every video on YouTube channel.

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